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Due to orginazer’s increased workload, FCM Summer School 2018, which was planned to be held on MAY 21-25 2018, has been postponed to a later date. The new date will be announced.

The Fuzzy Cognitive Map Summer School 2018

Continuing the tradition of Fuzzy Cognitive Maps Summer School, this year’s summer school is going to be held at the University of Thessaly, in Larisa, Greece, from 21-25th May, 2018.

This four-day FCM Summer School deals with the principles, assumptions, models, learning algorithms, convergence issues, strengths, limitations, applications of Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (FCM) and new web-based and open-source software tools for them. All computer experiments and hands on will be based on the web-based tool and other open-source codes for FCM inference and learning (in R and GitHub).

Summer School Scope

  • Is dedicated to providing participants on deep insights in fundamentals, inference approaches, modeling methods, learning algorithms, optimization, prediction and decision making issues for FCMs
  • Hands on exercises and real case studies using codes developed by organizers and web-based, new open-source tools for modeling, inference and decision making
  • Participants will bring their own problems from different application domains and through our expertise we will try to provide suggestions to reach reliable solutions.
  • Web-based software tool, called FCM wizard, will be fully accessible by participants which will be able to experimented with this, investigate and perform their real case problems. (see www.fcmwizard.com)

The FCM Summer School is a course offered to graduate students, researchers and professionals. The courses consists of lectures mainly by respected researcher Prof. Elpiniki Papageorgiou who comes from academia and has experience in Fuzzy Cognitive Map methodology and its applications in different scientific domains. The lectures will touch several fundamental as well as advanced concepts related to, but not limited to, fuzzy cognitive maps, data analysis and inference. There will also be tutorials, which will concentrate on the practical aspect of fuzzy cognitive maps in diverse application domains (engineering, environment, medicine, agriculture, socio-economics etc.).

Target audience

The ideal number of participants is about 50. The summer school will host: a) young researchers who wish to achieve a thesis on the subject or to carry on a personal work which uses FCM or to in-depth their knowledge in this discipline in order to complete their training, and b) academics and scientists from research community that have an interest in using FCMs, either as a theoretical framework or as a methodology and tool for applied research, engineering, industrial applications, environmental management, medical decision support, computer science etc.


The official language of the School is English. Unfortunately, we cannot provide any simultaneous translation.

Previous Summerschool – July 2016

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